Lab Bot 500



54 Plate Positions   

Maximum 480 Plates



66.5 in (1689mm) Width

40.5 in (1029mm) Depth

31 in (787mm) height




small product photo  


Lab Bot 250




42 Plate Positions 

Maximum 360 Plates



54.5 in (1384mm) Width   

40.5 in (1029mm) Depth  

31 in (787mm) height



Barcode Closeup



Lab Bot 100



21 Plate Positions

Maximum 180 Plates



54.5 in (1384mm) Width 

30.5 in (775mm) Depth 

31 in (787mm) height

aspirating samples









High precision 96 well pipettor provides high throughput plate processing. Pipettor is accurate to sub microliter levels and is precise enough to pipette ½ ul microdrop onto another ½ ul microdrop, mix the two and then transfer to another location.





Tip installer securely and uniformly presses tips onto 96 channel pipettor. Pipette nozzles use Viton O-ring for gas tight seal. O-ring is lubricated automatically in Tip Lube station as needed (shown in rear).





Large Configurable Deck can store up to 480 plates without the need for secondary robotics, reducing processing time and increasing reliability. The deck is comprised of two layers for maximum versatility. Four large base plates that are indexable at 0.5 inch intervals lie at the bottom. Plate Delivery, Plate Stacking, Tipbox  Stacking and Special Application Trays slide onto base plates with easy alignment keyhole slots. Embedded control computer shown in foreground.







Configurable Tool Head provides the best tool combinations for your application. Tool Head is shown configured with 96 Channel Pipettor (or 384), Single Channel, Plate/Tipbox Gripper and 8 channel air displacement pump. Other Tools available are 8 channel liquid displacement, 4 channel Vari-span, Tube Gripper, Well Greaser (for protein crystallography) as well as custom designed tools. Up to 6 tools can be configured to Tool Head.






Intuitive, easy to use software with a touchscreen interface makes operation

of the E-300 simple and straightforward. Different skill levels accommodate

different user requirements. You can choose a wizard, prompts every input

or for more advanced users select several operations on a more condensed

screen. Writing new assays can also be targeted specifically for the most

common assays or a broader selection of options is available for special



Deck Mounted Accessories/ Options


* Analytical Balance

* Powder Dispensing

* Plate Reader

* Wash Station

* Thermocycler

* Vacuum Blocks

* Centrifuge

* Plate Labeler

* Plate Exchanger (to external devices)




*High Throughput Screening

*Combinatorial Chemistry

*Assay Automation

*Protein Crystallography

*Solid/ Liquid Phase Extraction


*Clinical Tests





LabBot  Specifications


Work Area                Width                          Depth                        Height                 


Lab Bot 500              56.5”(1435mm)          25”(635mm)                 6” (152.4mm)

Lab Bot 250              44.5”(1130mm)          25”(635mm)                 6” (152.4mm)

Lab Bot 100              44.5”(1130mm)          15”(381mm)                 6” (152.4mm)


Typical Tool Configurations:  (choice of one – other configurations and tools possible))

1) 96(384) Pipettor/ 8 channel Pipettor / single Pipettor / Plate Handler

2) 96(384) Pipettor/ 8 channel Pipettors /4 channel Vari-Span/ Plate Handler

3) Four 8 channel Pipettors / Plate Handler

4) 8 channel Pipettor /4 channel Vari-Span/ two single Pipettors /Tube Handler

5) Cover slip manipulator/ Well Greaser/ two single Pipettors

     (for Protein Crystallography)