E300 ELISA Workstation

Fully automated preparation

and analysis workstation

The E300 is a rugged, industrial quality, fully automated workstation for

ELISA preparation and analysis. It is a high capacity unit allowing up to

320 samples, 6 plates plus hotel storage for continuous feed and longer

walk-away time. It incorporates many features to maintain test integrity

and custody of sample. These include automated barcoding of samples,

reagents and controls, clot detection, rapid measurement of actual volume

in pipette tip – before and after pipetting and automated sample drawer.

The 4 pipette probes and separate plate handling arm make it the fastest

unit available. The unit includes an embedded computer and touchscreen

mounted on workstation making an ideal interface for our simple, intuitive




  • Rugged fully enclosed unit
  • Dual Arm Workstation for high test throughput
  • 4 Pipette Probes with integral air-displacement pumps
  • Long reach Plate/ Tipbox handler for full Hotel access
  • Disposable tips for zero carryover or optional fixed  tips
  • Hotel stores 9 tipboxes and up to 18 additional plates – conveyors allow easy introduction of supplies
  • Hotel storage allows continuous feed and longer walk-away time
  • Automated barcoding of samples, reagents, controls and plates
  • Automated sample rack gives custody control to workstation
  • Ratio of samples to reagents and controls can be varied – custom racks available
  • Typical setup - 320 samples, 48 controls, 36 reagents (or 9 troughs)
  • Level and Clot detection
  • Pipetting Verification – measures actual volume in pipette tip
  • Up to 3 Incubator/ Vortexing modules – actual orbital vortexing
  • Plate Washer up front for easy access and observation
  • Integrated Plate Reader
  • External dual cylinder high capacity vacuum pump
  • Buffers on drawers for easy access - weight sensor for onscreen display of volume
  • Embedded computer and touchscreen monitor
  • Intuitive graphical software also allows custom assay
small product photo  



Sample Tray extends automatically for easy loading and custody

of sample. Up to 324 samples,64 reagents and 64 controls share

the same rack so ratios can be varied. All racks are automatically

barcoded. Custom racks are available.





Automated barcoding of samples, reagents and controls. Barcode arm

separates trays to barcode in between rows. Hard to read barcodes retry

on user selected criteria

  Barcode Closeup  



Wash Station located up front for simplified adjustment

and observation. Wash head is coaxial type for complete

evacuation of wells. Sweep can be circular or 1- 8 point.

Vacuum provided by high capacity 2 stage piston vacuum pump.





Extended reach plate handler automatically replaces tipboxes

and plates (if desired) from Hotel Storage. Up to 9 tipboxes and

18 plates can be stored and replaced on a continuous basis

from right exterior of unit. The plate handler also transfers plates

from Preparation Area to Wash Station, Plate Reader, Heated

Incubator/ Vortexor and Covered Room Temperature Incubation


  tipbox closeup  
pipetting verifier  



Pipettors shown entering Pipetting Verifier. Actual measurement of

volume before and after pipetting rapidly provides absolute

confirmation that sample was aspirated from sample tubes and

dispensed into test plate. User can select whether to check aspiration,

dispense or both for samples and /or reagents and controls.







Independently spaced 4 pipettor unit allows rapid processing of samples.

Samples can be accessed in any order. All pipettors can take either sample

or reagent tips. Plate Rotator (shown in forefront) allows portrait or landscape

pipetting in preparation station.






  aspirating samples  



Workstation can be equipped with up to 3 Incubator/ Vortexors.

Each can hold 2 plates if needed. These are true orbital vortexors

with user programmed speed, duration and cycles. Full temperature

range of ambient plus 4°C up to 50°C +/- 1%.




Replacement of Tipboxes and Plates (if desired) is done from right exterior of

workstation without the need to pause assay. Conveyors on each row assist in

introduction of disposables and detect when rows are empty. Old boxes are put

back into empty rows and user notified when supplies are exhausted.


Up to 9 additional tipboxes can be stored (plus 3 on the deck) and 9 plates plus

9 deepwells (or 18 plates).





Buffer bottles are accessed with convenient slide out drawer. Bottles are

standard Nalgene Labware and are sitting on weight sensors with levels

displayed on software screen.


Levels can also be seen through translucent plastic.






Intuitive, easy to use software with a touchscreen interface makes operation

of the E-300 simple and straightforward. Different skill levels accommodate

different user requirements. You can choose a wizard, prompts every input

or for more advanced users select several operations on a more condensed

screen. Writing new assays can also be targeted specifically for the most

common assays or a broader selection of options is available for special




  1. Maximum 320 Samples

  2. Maximum 60 Reagents/ Diluents

  3. Maximum 80 Controls

  4. 4 Buffer containers – 2 liter

  5. DI Wash Water – 4 liter

  6. Waste Container – 12 liter

  7. 6 plates on deck – up to 18 additional in Hotel

  8. 1 reagent tipbox and 2 sample tipboxes on deck – 9 additional in Hotel

  9. 2 arms – 4 pipettors on Arm 1 and Plate Handler on Arm 2

  10. Throughput – 540 tests in 4 hour period